Indiana Police Raid The Shack Again For Illegal Gambling


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Police headed into a house known around town as The Shack and raided the place arresting 10 people and charging them with illegal gambling, another 7 people were cited for playing illegal gambling games.

The house, located on the 3700 block of North Keystone Avenue, has been raided before, but this time police seized a pull tab machine, tickets, video equipment and about $2500 in cash.

The house is referred to as a pea shake house. These houses offer a variety of gambling options in the neighborhood, most of the options are lottery style, much like the pick three and pick four state games.

The police have been cracking down on these pea houses with undercover operations. In March and April 20 people were arrested in a similar sting to the one on Wednesday.

The reason for the crackdown is the police’ belief that these illegal gambling operations are just a gateway to bigger problems such as drugs and other criminal activity.

Indianapolis has a long history with these pea shake houses, which are most prevalent in black neighborhoods and the amount of citations issued this year so far has drawn the ire of some residents, as they question where the priorities lie of the local police office.

Lottery To Be Available in More Places in Sydney, Australia

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In the United States, it is taken for granted that any person may just go into their local convenience store or gas station and buy a lottery ticket, now the people of Sydney could enjoy that same luxury.

As the movement toward legalize gambling sweeps across the world, people in Sydney will find out what much of the rest of the World already experiences, the dream of becoming rich through the lottery.

NSW Lotteries has begun a trial in which they have allowed lottery sales in convenience stores, the end result could end up where patrons could go to a 7-Eleven at any time, 24 hours a day and purchase lottery or scratch off tickets.

Pubs and clubs could be the next in line to be able to sell the lottery tickets.

The government has stated their desires to reduce the number of gambling machines, and they have tried to link their efforts to helping problem gamblers by doing so. The figures, however, do not support that claim by government.

Federal Treasurer Peter Costello is against the expansion of gambling, and has stated that Australia already has more poker machines than any other nation, referring to the ruling this week that Keno would be allowed in hotels.

He also claims that people who think the gambling revenue is high, should not forget to factor in the money that government gets against the money government spends to help problem gamblers.

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