Identify Your Gambling Personality

Gambling is often considered as a form of entertainment and also a vice. Gambling can considerably cause major personality and behavioral problems that can create havoc in one’s life. However, gambling problems are not an issue with gamblers who know how to exercise control over their gambling activities.

Because gambling is admittedly addicting, many gamblers have revolved from an entertainment gambler into an addict gambler. There are warning signs that should identify addict gambler characteristics. Different gamblers can have different reasons and motives for gambling. Each one may justify their own means of gambling.

Dr. Robert L. Custer identified 6 gambler personalities. Each categorizes a gambler based from their behavior and motives for gambling. Each personality is unique in the sense that it provides a gambler a personality that they may not be aware of. Do you know which gambling personality you belong? As a gambler, you may find yourself belonging to one these gambling personalities.

If you are making a living out of gambling, posses the skills of playing wager games and is earning through performance with due consideration on observing control to the amount of money spent and the time that is spent for gambling, then you belong to the professional gambler. Professional gamblers are skilled on the games they play. They use the right timing of wagering the best bet to win as much as they can and knows when to cool down when their game is not turning out well. They exercise control over their gambling activities and are not addicted to gambling.

The anti-social personality gamblers are more likely to get involved with illegal activities using gambling as a front. They can act as fixers of a game with cheating tactics and illegal interventions involved in their actions.

For individuals who feel relaxed through gambling and see gambling as a good form of recreation and socialization, they belong to the casual social gamblers. Gambling activities are only occasional and does not interfere with other important obligations such as family and work. Serious social gamblers on the other hand have invested serious amount of time in gambling being their main source of relaxation and entertainment. But family and vocation remains the priority over gambling.

When a player gets better relief from anxiety, depression, loneliness and anger when gambling, they are categorized to the escape gambler personality. Gambling supplies an analgesic effect from these feelings and the player gets very satisfied when using gambling as an escape from emotional crisis.

The most serious gambling problems are typically seen among compulsive gamblers. These gamblers have lost control over their games and are spending more than they can afford. The compulsion to gamble can progress into addiction once left uncontrolled. Gambling befalls negative effects to their life which relatively affect their family, social life and work Compulsive gambler has difficulties of stopping from gambling and usually needs immediate professional help.

With the basic characteristics of gambler personality presented, you may now gauge which kind of gambler personality you have.

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